December 30th, 2013

Atlanta, GA., (December 30, 2013) – QL2 Software, the brand name for travel pricing data and an integral part of RM and price optimization across the travel industry, has approved a plan to spin out its retail pricing division, RivalWatch, as an independent company, effective immediately.

QL2, a name synonymous with travel pricing information, will become solely focused on its 200+ travel customers, which include a majority of large air carriers, most OTAs, the largest rental car companies, and most large vacation package providers, in addition to train, ferry, bus, and cruise providers worldwide. "By leveraging years of experience unique to the travel industry, we will be able to continue accelerating our market share in 2014" said QL2 CEO, Paul Campbell. He also added, "QL2 is excited to focus its resources to bring value to the travel industry in the form of new products and services."

"Hale Global has made a lasting positive impact on QL2. I would like to thank Hale Global for its help in teambuilding and leadership since buying and restructuring the company in 2010," said Campbell.

About Hale Global
Hale Global is an investment holding company with a 13-year track record as a buyer and partner of choice for special situations, including bankruptcies and underperforming divestitures from corporate parents. We specialize in creating value operationally in businesses facing strategic, financial, product, and other challenges. In addition to capital, we bring to these troubled situations extensive turnaround skills, deep operational benches, in-house software and mobile development teams, extreme transactional speed, and certainty of close. More information about the firm can be found at

About RivalWatch
RivalWatch provides Internet-based competitive intelligence services for Fortune 1000 retailers and manufacturers. RivalWatch's Retail Analytics platform offers extreme competitive insight" at the speed of market™, to increase margin and / or share in today's competitive markets. For more information, please visit

About QL2
The brand name for travel pricing data and an integral part of RM and price optimization across the travel industry, QL2 offers products and services that provide revenue managers, pricing analysts, and product managers the information they need to optimize their competitive strategies and maximize their profit margins. Product, pricing and revenue managers from around the world who must deal with the complexity of optimizing pricing and revenue on a day-to-day basis rely on QL2's services and solutions for business intelligence and information gathering. QL2 provides the highest-quality and most comprehensive view of their market and competitors by providing the real-time information and reports needed to optimize your competitive strategies and maximize profit margins. For more information, please visit