Hale Global acquires RivalWatch Inc., forms new subsidiary of QL2 Software, LLC for RivalWatch business
April 5, 2012

Sunnyvale, CA - April 5, 2012 - Hale Global and RivalWatch Inc. today announced that Hale Global's portfolio company, QL2 Software, LLC has acquired the intellectual property of RivalWatch, the leader in online competitive pricing and assortment information for retailers. RivalWatch will be operated as a subsidiary of QL2, the leader in real-time search for pricing and product information.

The acquisition will give customers increased capabilities and offerings for pricing, product and revenue managers across a large number of industries. "With Hale Global's backing and the skills of its veteran executive team going forward, the combined QL2 and RivalWatch will continue its pioneering leadership in real-time competitive market data, while keeping customer satisfaction our number one operational priority," said Charles Hale, President of Hale Global.

"QL2 and RivalWatch share the vision of bringing real-time competitive data innovations and services to our customers," said Marty Hodgett, CEO of RivalWatch. "Together, we will be able to accelerate our plans to deliver on-demand, real-time search business intelligence across the retail and consumer products sectors in addition to the verticals already served by QL2. RivalWatch is extremely excited about our future."

"On behalf of QL2, I want to welcome the RivalWatch team," said Paul Campbell, CEO of QL2. "RivalWatch has developed innovative technology for retailers, servicing many of the top companies from around the world. Their expertise will help add to our bench of team experts creating a win-win for RivalWatch customers by giving them the stability of QL2's market leading real-time search data services with a strong and dedicated retail expert team.

"Our commitment remains to delivering top customer satisfaction through our products and services," said Bobby Figueroa, Managing Director at Hale Global and Vice President of Product and Marketing at QL2. "By bringing together the ‘talent and technology from both companies we will create the next generation of real-time search and business intelligence services."

About Hale Global
Hale Global is a technology holding company with offices in Boston, New York, California and Seattle. Hale Global partners with leading companies and their management teams to invest in and manage businesses facing operational or strategic inflection points. For special situation investments, we believe no firm is faster and more reliable than Hale Global in structuring and closing mutually beneficial transactions. Hale Global has a 10-year track record growing technology businesses into great companies using capital and operational skills. More information about the firm can be found at

About RivalWatch
RivalWatch, Inc is a market-leading provider of Internet-based competitive intelligence services for Fortune 1000 retailers and manufacturers.  RivalWatch's technology provides access to competitors' on-line price and assortment information, enabling timely, cost-effective, fact-based pricing and other merchandising decisions to increase sales, profitability and market share in today's competitive markets. RivalWatch's propriety, scalable technology platform enables actionable data to be delivered through web-based reports directly to the client's desktop using a cloud-based architecture or integrated directly into enterprise analytics applications.  For more information, please visit

About QL2 Software, LLC
QL2 is the leader in real-time competitive search for pricing and product data in travel, retail, energy and other price sensitive industries. QL2 offers products and services that provide revenue managers, pricing analysts, and product managers the data they need to optimize their competitive strategies and maximize their profit margins. Product, pricing and revenue managers from around the world who must deal with the complexity of optimizing pricing and revenue on a day-to-day basis rely on QL2's services and solutions for business intelligence and information gathering. QL2 provides the highest-quality and most comprehensive view of their market and competitors by providing the real-time data and reports needed to optimize your competitive strategies and maximize profit margins. For more information, please visit