Wanna Be the CEO of Patch?
From: Richard Horgan - FishbowlNY

March 11, 2015

The umbrella home page for Patch looks better than anything we saw during the AOL era. It features crisp, clean highlighting of current content and an inviting black-and-white thumbnail grid that clicks through to some so-called Star Patchers. Today, the new Patch also posted an ad for reporters across New Jersey.

In the About section, the Hale Global era is stamped with a rather unusual signpost. Check out the bio that sits directly to the left of those of chairman Charles Hale and editor-in-chief Warren St. John:

The rebooted version of Patch appears to have moved towards more of an Examiner model. While some might bemoan that development, the fact that an operation doomed by overly aggressive expansion is still Web live and Your-Face-Here hiring qualifies as a minor media miracle.